Poke with Purpose!

Elevate your fundraising with Sweetfin - both in-store and online - and receive a generous 30% donation for your group.

1. We provide custom flyers for the event - share them digitally or physically as PDFs.

2. During the event, supporters show the flyers (printed or on their phones) when ordering their favorite Sweetfin creation. For online fundraisers, they can order on sweetfin.com or the Sweetfin App, using the provided online code at checkout in the “Promo Code" field. Note: Online orders are valid for carryout, pickup, or delivery from our app (3rd party, e.g., Uber, cannot be counted toward fundraiser totals at this time).

3)  After the event, Sweetfin mails you a check for 30% of the net sales. It’s as easy as opening the mailbox, the letter, signing the check, and putting it in the bank. We might be making it sound complicated, but it's not.

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