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When We Say We’re Chef-Driven, We Mean It

Past Culinary Collabortions

The H Woo Bowl

The H Woo bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Chef and Content Creator H Woo and takes inspiration from his travels in Thailand. H developed a unique bowl  that combines spicy, acidic, umami and herbaceous flavors which are reminiscent of a traditional Thai "Yum Salmon" dish.

H Woo
Culinary Content Creator

The Tway Bowl

The Tway Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with content creator Tway Nguyen. This refreshing, herbaceous bowl is inspired by Tway's Vietnamese heritage.

Tway Nguyen
Culinary Content Creator

The Zarate Bowl

Sweetfin collaborated with the "godfather of Peruvian cuisine" Chef Ricardo Zarate to create a uniquely creative Japanese and Peruvian inspired poke bowl.

Ricardo Zarate
James Beard Nominated Chef

The Bakman Bowl

The Bakman Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Burt Bakman, the pitmaster behind the highly acclaimed SLAB Barbeque. This fiesta of flavors is a celebration of Burt's Israeli upbringing and his wife's Argentinian roots.

Burt Bakman

The Katsuji Bowl

The Katsuji Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Top Chef Katsuji Tanabe. The bowl is a mix of Japanese and Mexican flavors inspired by Katsuji's heritage.

Katsuji Tanabe
Top Chef Contestant

The Blais Bowl

An original collaboration by Top Chef Richard Blais

Richard Blais
Top Chef Master Contestant

The Ms Chi Bowl

The Ms Chi's Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Top Chef Shirley Chung of Ms Chi's Cafe. The bowl is a poke version of Yusheng or Prosperity Toss - a traditional Singaporean dish created to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Shirley Chung
Top Chef Contestant

The Hedley & Bennett Bowl

The Bennett Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Ellen Bennett, the founder of Hedley & Bennett. The bowl is Ellen's take on ceviche flavors inspired by her Mexican heritage and packed with Summer flavors and colors!

Ellen Bennett

The Dynamite Jazz Bowl

The "Dynamite Jazz Bowl" is an exclusive collaboration with Chef Jazz Singsanong of the legendary LA Thai restaurant, Jitlada. The bowl is packed with bright, early Summer flavors and delivers some serious Thai heat.

Chef Jazz Singsanong

The Lofaso Bowl

The Lofasa Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with acclaimed local chef, and former Top Chef contestant, Antonia Lofaso. This zesty and spicy bowl is reminiscent of Chef Lofaso's Latin-inspired cooking at her restaurant DAMA.

Antonia Lofaso
Top Chef Contestant

The Kismet Bowl

The Kismet Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Kismet Chef Sara Kramer and features Mediterranean and modern-Californian flavors.

Sarah Kramer

The Rainbow Bowl

In honor of Pride Month Sweetfin joined forces with Chef Susan Feniger of Border Grill and Postmates for a special pride-themed poke bowl! A portion of all proceeds from the sales of the Rainbow Bowl were donated to the LA LGBT Center to help further their mission.

Chef Susan Feniger

The Sushi Bar Bowl

The Sushi | Bar Bowl is an exclusive collaboration with Top Chef Phillip Frankland Lee. The bowl is a deconstructed version of one of Lee's most popular items at his 1 star Michelin restaurant Sushi | Bar restaurant!

Chef Philip Frankland Lee
Michelin Starred Chef

The Andrea Bowl

The Cilantro y Jalapeño Bowl was created by Sweetfin’s very own Culinary Director Andrea Cuellar. This zesty and spicy bowl packs Latin flavors and is influenced by both Mexican and Guatemalan cuisines.The bowl is light and refreshing, just in time for the Spring and early Summer months.

Andrea Cuellar
Sweetfin Culinary Director

Chengdu Crunch Bowl

An exclusive collaboration with premium, Chinese food company Fly By Jing

Chef RedBeard Bowl

an exclusive collaboration with Sweetfin Chef Jourdan Davis and is a celebration of all things Summer. The bowl features sustainably caught, sesame crusted seared Albacore, a charred corn and yuzu mayo slaw, and a coconut rice base

Chef Jourdan Davis