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Menu Hack: Poke Nachos!


While there’s nothing like a classic Sweetfin bowl, you can change the poke game with some of our favorite secret Sweetfin hacks. Of these hacks, the most popular is combining the crunch from our crispy wasabi furikake-dusted taro chips with the flavors of your bowl. Dip one of the large chips right into your bowl for an unexpected crunch or try crushing up the chips and sprinkling them on top of your bowl as a DIY topping. To (literally) spice things up, ask for a side of our chili garlic oil alongside your bowl and mix it in to enjoy crunch and heat from the chili oil with a special garlicky twist. For our poke burrito lovers, try your burrito with a side of any of our signature sauces. Whether you crave a spicy kick from sriracha ponzu or bright citrus flavors from yuzu kosho, each sauce pairs perfectly with burritos too.

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