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At Sweetfin our philosophy is from "Pole to Bowl". That means that in sourcing our fish we aim to use the highest-quality and most sustainable raw fish we can find while still maintaining a reasonable price point. This philosophy extends into all areas of our offerings - from our produce to our sauces and even to the ingredients used to infuse our teas.


Raw fish - a delicacy on its own, it makes one of the strongest key ingredients in so many different regional cuisines. Each culture does it differently: Japan has sushi and sashimi, Latin America has ceviche, Italy has crudo and Scandinavia has gravlax. Hawaii has poké.

We fell in love with poké after visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Fresh, healthy and delicious, poké took all of the best components of sushi and put them in an easy to eat container. Let’s just say we couldn’t stop at eating just one bowl. Being Californians, however, we love the inventiveness of California cuisine and wanted to meet in the middle of the Santa Monica Pier and the aku boats of Hawaii’s fishing areas. Since that would have put us right smack in the heart of the Pacific, we instead set up shop here, on the California coast, where we’ve updated the same savory mix of rich Ahi tuna, shoyu and sesame oil with the inventive flavor combinations of California cuisine.

What you’re about to eat is not your average poke.